Shout out to all my MORE girls! You know who you are! More clothes, more followers, more applications, more date nights, more extra circulars, more everything. I am that girl. I am that girl until I have so much that I can no longer breath and then suddenly- I become the NO girl. No money, no self control, no job, no life, and definitely no quiet time.

At the beginning of each year I buy a new agenda. This year I was extra excited about mine, mainly because it came with cute stickers. I had plans to live up my senior year! Join clubs, work a job, get in the best shape of my life, basically fit everything I hadn’t done the last 3 years into one fall semester. HA. I couldn’t find a job, I didn’t join any clubs, and lets be real, greasy fries>skinny thighs. But all of these plans were carefully mapped out in my agenda and I had ultimately just let myself down.

A couple years back I went through what felt like a deep state of depression. Here I was at this amazing University- the school of my dreams, and I absolutely hated it. I couldn’t keep up with my peers and felt like I was failing everyone around me. The times I did accomplish something, it was never enough- I needed MORE. I desperately wanted to be the best at something, anything! My life wasn’t measuring up to enough, I wasn’t enough, I wanted to be more.

Notice a trend? MORE is not always the key to happiness. I heard a sermon once that talked about living in the “Land or ER”. This is a land where everyone around you is smartER, fastER, prettiER. Whats taken me many years and many disappointing adgenas, is that chasing after earthly things like this is like chasing after the wind. I don’t want to live in the land of ER!!

But right now I am in one of the most challenging times of my life. My college days are wrapping up and the real world is coming in hot. I speak for the entire senior class at UGA when I say- we are scared!! Here we are, living in the most competitive times in the job force history. We have spent the last four years searching for MORE to put on our resumes, and now, come march… theres not much MORE we can do. We, I, wake up everyday wondering if I did enough. In a moment of panic, a wise person once said to me- “Live with your palms up and open to what the Lord wants you to receive.” In other words, keep your head up, keep your eyes open, do you part! But trust HIM! Trust that you are more than ENOUGH for his plan. In a time when there is nothing MORE you can do, BE CONFIDENT in his love and his plan rather than whats written on your resume. HE will never disappoint you and everything on HIS agenda is coming, and let me tell you its coming in hot. Be patient, be ready, be palm up, and quit living in the land of ER as a more girl.


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