Hey you!


Who am I?: I am a senior at the University of Georgia with a self diagnosis of Chronophobia (fear of the future). I leave my shoes under the coffee table every afternoon and I have a tendency to find out things I am not supposed to know. I am not a writer, or even an english major. But over the last few months I have found joy and peace in the art of silence. Reading, writing, and all things quiet have transformed my thinking and brought me to a place of surrender. I have decided that I am going to quick waiting and wishing and start praying and listening. My prayer for this page is that I will be able to see clearly the race marked out for me and that through this uncomfortable transition to adult hood, I will rely on the Lord and the words he is setting before me.

What to expect: To start, this page is a collection of misspelled words and run on sentences. It will included blips of my dreams and hopes, but also my sorrows and struggles. I promise to be vulnerable and honest, and to unpack my thoughts, emotions, heartbreak, and best sellers onto this page. I cant promise to get everything right but I promise to write with my palms up and open towards Jesus.